Mesa redonda de artistas: artistas visuais

Mesa redonda de artistas: artistas visuais Photo/Foto: Marlène Ramírez-Cancio

Presenters: Marianne Kim, Katherine Behar, Julio Pantoja

Moderator: Lorie Novak


Disorientalism (Katherine Behar & Marianne Kim), a collaboration between Asian-American artists Katherine Behar and Marianne Kim, studies the disorienting effects of technologized labor, junk culture, and consumerism. Through live performance, video, and photographic projects, Disorientalism explores how these forces mediate race, gender, and bodies.

Julio Pantoja is a photo-documentarian, journalist, activist and educator/researcher at the National Universities of Tucumán and Rosario. He is the director of Agencia Infoto and of Argentina’s Documentary Photography Biennial. He has lectured at academic and cultural convenings in Europe and the Americas, and shown his work in over 15 countries.

Lorie Novak uses various technologies of representation to explore memory, transmission and shifting meanings of photographs. She is faculty at NYU Photography & Imaging.


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Additional Info

  • Lugar de apresentação: Concordia University, Henry F. Hall Building
  • Data: 28 junho 2014