A incapacidade e a performance

Conveners: Arseli Dokumaci, Danielle Peers, Faye Ginsburg, Kim Sawchuk, and Lindsay Eales

What happens when performance and disability are put into conversation? In this Teach-In, we use discussion and movement to explore the ways that performance, as methodology, as practice, as creative, critical and embodied forms of situated knowledge, may be used to interrogate the operations of able-ism. At the same time we explore how disability, too, can be understood as a set of practices, as critical and creative embodied forms of situated knowledge that may be used to interrogate performance in its most spectacular and most mundane forms.


Arseli Dokumacı completed her PhD in performance studies at Aberystwyth University and is currently a post-doctoral researcher at Concordia University’s Mobile Media Lab. Her research explores everyday performances, disability, health and has appeared in Disability in Judaism, Christianity and Islam (2011) and Performance Research Journal (2013).

Danielle Peers builds genealogical and autoethnographic research through academic writing, performance, dance, and film. Her doctoral thesis, Spectacular Tolerance, traces the inspirationalization of disability in Canada. She is a founding member of CRIPSiE performance collective, a former Paralympian, a Trudeau Scholar, and a PhD candidate.

Faye Ginsburg is Director of the Center for Media, Culture and History at NYU and Kriser Professor of Anthropology and Co-Director of the Council for the Study of Disability. A multiple award winning author, she has published widely on cultural activists and has worked for 25 years with Indigenous media makers as a scholar, curator and advocate.

Kim Sawchuk is a Professor and Concordia University Research Chair in Mobile Media Studies, Concordia University, and a co-founder of Studio XX. She is intrigued by the creative and political potential of new media and is known for her many articles on methods as a creative practice, her pedagogical performances, and her commitment to students.

Lindsay Eales is a graduate student in the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation at the University of Alberta. She studies, choreographs, and performs integrated dance with people of all abilities. As artistic director with iDANCE Edmonton Integrated Dance, she creates vibrant movement communities that appreciate diversity and re-imagine (dis)ability.

Additional Info

  • Lugar de apresentação: Concordia University, John Molson School of Business
  • Data: 26 junho 2014