José Pepe Álvarez Colón

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La Mamutcandungo

La Mamutcandungo is a multimedia performance based on the novel La Novelabingo by Manuel Ramos Otero, an audacious Neo-Avant-Garde Puerto Rican author. La Mamutcandungo explores the narrative “non-sense” and the irreverent queer optics of the author, by the attempt to map an island/novel at the mercy of hazard and misfortune.


José Pepe Álvarez Colón is a dance, theater and performance artist and researcher. His most recent works are the theatrical piece Lamamutcandungo (2015), Land(e)scape (2014-15) and This is NOT a piece by viveca vázquez (2013). His unipersonal pieces have been presented around Argentina, Colombia, and Puerto Rico.