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Keynote Listening Session with Cuban Music Legends Ana and Dolores Pérez

Tuesday, February 6, 2024 | 6PM EST

Cuban music scions Dolores Pérez and Ana Pérez, members of the iconic folkloric ensembles Muñequitos de Matanzas and AfroCuba, share their work, musical legacies and unique insights in a conversation and listening session with Mellon Fellow Dr. David Font-Navarrete. Their dialogue will engage music from Música de los cultos africanos en Cuba (Music of the African Cults in Cuba), a remarkable audio archive of Afro-Cuban sacred music, recorded at mid-twentieth century by Josefina Tarafa in collaboration with Cuban ethnographer Lydia Cabrera.

Building on decades of research in Afro-Atlantic sacred music traditions, Dr. Font-Navarrete’s Keynote Listening Sessions invite contemporary music experts to hear previously-unpublished portions of the Música de los cultos collection.Through the listening session they assess the content and context of the collections and its relation to sacred practices and musical world-making. These dialogues are intended to build new audiences, engage key experts, and create collaborative research expertise around this vital collection. Participants will comment on Afro-Atlantic sacred practices and musical tradition and theory, they will interrogate the history and process of recording and collecting Afro-Cuban sacred music, and they will help to frame the richness and complications of the recordings – both as legacy and as archive.

This event will be in Spanish.

This is an in-person event that requires registration. All non-NYU attendees must RSVP in advance. Video documentation will be made available on the Institute website following the event.