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Otrxs Dreams en Acción: Historias de aquí y allá

Friday, December 8, 2023 | 5PM EST

The Hemispheric Institute is excited to announce the upcoming visit of Otros Dreams en Acción (ODA), an organization dedicated to mutual support and political action for those who grew up in the United States and are now in Mexico due to forced return and deportation, deportation of a family member, family separation or the threat of deportation.

ODA seeks to initiate meaningful dialogues that address the complexities of border politics, facilitating exchanges that enable individuals to learn from one another and collaboratively effect positive change in the aftermath of deportation and exile. Through empowerment and arts, communities seize control of their own narratives and express them through poems, photography, collages, and various art forms. They advocate for the right to belong to two countries, embracing the concept of belonging aquí y allá, here and there. 

This in-person event will be in English and Spanish. A recording will be available soon after.