Horace Brockington Dialects: Diverse Bookworks by Black and Hispanic Artists (1980)

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Dialects: Diverse Bookworks by Black and Hispanic Artists (1980) explores the politics of race, gender, and identity. The exhibition brought together artists working outside of book art to create new experimental works. While these bookworks vary in style, they reflect the artists’ primary medium—performance, sculpture, photography, music, and collage. The artists used a range of materials to create printed, handmade, painted, audio, handwritten, silk-screened, photo-folio, hole-punched, brunt-imprint, and sculptural books. Many of these artists’ books visually speak to the politics of resistance and subversion, especially during the 1980s when artists of color had limited opportunities in the art world. The exhibition also included an evening of John Dowell’s visual music—abstract works inspired by jazz and avant-garde compositions. Dialects: Diverse Bookworks by Black and Hispanic Artists was curated by Horace Brockington.

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Additional Info

  • Título: Dialects: Diverse Bookworks by Black and Hispanic Artists
  • Holdings: photo gallery
  • Idioma: English, Spanish
  • Data da performance: Jan 1980
  • Lugar: Franklin Furnace, New York, New York, USA
  • Type/Format: installation
  • Credits: Exhibition curated by Horace Brockington. Artists' books by Mahler Ryder, Willie Birch, Stan Whitney, Sam Gilliam, Jorge Rodriguez, Jackie Holmes, Marvin Harden, John Dowell, Ana Mendieta, Randy Williams, Howardena Pindell, Wilfredo Chieso, Tom Feelings, Tony Bechara, Adal Maldonado, Gylbert Coker, Gale Hansbery, Coreen Simpson, Camille Billops, Sandra Payne, Lilliana Porter, Benny Andrews, Frank Braxton, Frank Bowling, David Hammons, Carlos Irizarry, Noah Jemison, Jacob Lawrence, Robert Reid, Reginald Walker, William T. Williams, and Antonio Frasconi.

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