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REPRESENTA! is a performance telling the parallel story of Julio, a Cuban rapper, and Paul, a Chicano poet from San Francisco, both revolutionaries in different senses of the word. Paul tries to connect with his political views by traveling to La Havana and supporting his idea of revolution. Conversely, Julio, who grew up during Cuba's revolution, attempts to achieve success in Hip-Hop, a cultural import of the United States. Both become friends and decide to travel to New York City together, but when the terrorist attacks of 9/11 happen their plans drastically change. The renewed xenophobia and racism erodes both characters' dreams, as they realize neither had a complete understanding of the other. As one character notes, "He had his view of things and I got mine, we were both wrong". In this performance, two sides of Cuban and North American relationality are constantly challenged, as both characters reflect on the meaning of representar (to represent), a term each uses to express his identity and rootedness in Latino cultural and artistic diasporas.


Additional Info

  • Título: REPRESENTA!
  • Holdings: photo gallery, video
  • Duração: 1:23:40
  • Idioma: English, Spanish
  • Data da performance: 2007
  • Lugar: Premiered at the Hip-Hop Theater Festival: Bay Area
  • Cast/Performers: Performed by Paul S. Flores and Julio Cardenas
  • Credits: Developed and Directed by Danny Hoch. Performed by Paul S. Flores and Julio Cardenas.