Carga Viva

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Carga Viva is a street theatre performance based on the texts “On the Sufferings of the World” (1851) by Arthur Schopenhauer and “Rhinoceros” (1959) by Eugène Ionesco. The work adds to ERRO Grupo's research into the power of public space to generate interactive performative games in which reality and fiction converge for the audience. In Carga Viva, passersby become witnesses to the treatment given to those who deviate from social norms. The motto of the performance is to question problems related to labor, alienation, and madness in a hyper-industrialized era, where bodies are quantified and/or segregated. The performance debuted in Florianópolis in 2002 and the version presented in the video took place in Natal in 2004, during a national tour promoted by the project Palco Giratório, and supported by SESC.


Additional Info

  • Duração: 0:36:34
  • Idioma: Portuguese
  • Data da performance: October, 2004
  • Lugar: Maceió, Brazil
  • Type/Format: performance
  • Credits: Concept, dramaturgy and creation: Pedro Bennaton e Luana Raiter Director: Pedro Bennaton Cast: Dayana Zdebsky, Luana Raiter, Luiz Henrique Cudo e Michel Marques