Enfim um líder

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Enfim um Líder is a theatrical urban intervention in which acolytes wait for the arrival of a fictional leader. During three consecutive days, ERRO Grupo works to prepare a public space for the leader with adornments, announcements, and other organizational rituals. This multimedia performance also makes use of radios, "sound cars" (as featured in ERRO Grupo's piece Segredo), television, and flyers for a marketing campaign spectacularizing the reception that is supposed to take place at the end of the third day of the performance. Enfim um Líder works with irony to confront the popular desire for an ideal human being, a hero to whom someone may give all their trust and decision-making power over their own life. The intervention took place in Florianópolis and in other cities in the countryside of the Brazilian state of Paraná.


Additional Info

  • Duração: 1:31:13
  • Idioma: Portuguese
  • Data da performance: December 19-21, 2007
  • Lugar: Florianópolis, Brazil
  • Type/Format: performance
  • Credits: Director: Pedro Bennaton Dramaturgy and concept: Luana Raiter and Pedro Bennaton Footage by Pedro Bennaton and Julia Amaral. Edited by: Pedro Bennaton Cast: João Garcia, Luana Raiter, Luiz Henrique Cudo e Sarah Ferreira