Seminar Pornosuspense

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Seminar Pornosuspense is the continuation of the series of actions created by ERRO Grupo between 2011 and 2014, also named Pornosuspense. The research focuses on sensorial experiments and the difference between organic and artificial pleasure fabrication processes. In Seminar Pornosuspense, the group creates a performative lecture and asks, “How does technology alter the forms of contact, relationship, and exchange between people?” During the seminar, audiovisual technology, such as a video projection shown through Skype, is juxtaposed with live performance and text readings, blurring and testing the frontiers between public and private, real and virtual.


Additional Info

  • Duração: 0:05:12
  • Idioma: Portuguese
  • Data da performance: 08/28/2011
  • Lugar: Itaú Cultural Institute, São Paulo, Brazil
  • Type/Format: performance
  • Credits: Creation and concept: ERRO Grupo Production: ERRO Grupo Dramaturgy and script: Luana Raiter and Pedro Bennaton Director: Pedro Bennaton Videographer: Henrique Palazzo. Edited by Pedro Bennaton Actors / Performers: Juarez Nunes, Michel Marques, Luana Raiter, Paula Felitto e Sarah Ferreira