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Desvio is a nomadic street theater performance in which the audience takes a guided walk around the city during which they are told that a murder will take place--though in fact it never does. The work plays a disorienting game that blurs reality and illusion, with the concrete city center as its backdrop. It builds the fictional performative narrative with interactions between real architecture and pedestrians. The violent theme of the performance creates an uncomfortable and dreamlike atmosphere, where a violent death is always being announced but never actually happens. The performance premiered in October 2016 and was a nominee for the Funarte Myriam Muniz Theatre Award. The performance also received support from Petrobras.


Additional Info

  • Duração: 1:08:59
  • Idioma: Portuguese
  • Data da performance: 2007
  • Lugar: Curitiba, Brasil
  • Type/Format: performance
  • Credits: Concept e director: Pedro Bennaton Sound: Priscila Zaccaron Assistant: Rodrigo Sampa Art direction: Luana Raiter Art direction assistant: Júlia Amaral Dramaturgy: Luana Raiter and Pedro Bennaton Creation: ERRO Grupo Tradution and melody: João Garcia