No Man's Land

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Felipe Ehrenberg performs a series of mundane and eclectic actions at a slow pace, accompanied by ambient recordings of streets, bagpipes and seemingly ritualistic chants. This performance shows the slow transformation of a man into a symbol of death until he no longer stands looking at himself. A sparsely populated bathroom is his stage. He shaves his beard meticulously, then covers his head with bandages. Painting his face and body in a manner that mimics a skull, he lies on a sheet of paper, painting the paper with his body. Finally, he breaks the mirror in a sudden movement and leaves the stage. This performance was exhibited during the Terreno Peligroso / Danger Zone exhibition in 1995, where the exchange between artists from both sides of the U.S. and Mexican border questioned the imposed geo-political distance between the people that inhabit both sides of the frontier.


Additional Info

  • Duração: 21:54
  • Idioma: Spanish
  • Data da performance: 1995
  • Lugar: Ex-Teresa Arte Actual, Mexico City, Mexico
  • Type/Format: performance
  • Cast/Performers: Felipe Ehrenberg
  • Credits: Felipe Ehrenberg