ABSCONDED é um híbrido de performance de rua / ritual público que reverencia a vida e o legado de Ona Maria Judge Staines através da criação de um monumento vivo que se move pelas ruas da cidade de Nova Iorque.

ABSCONDED #EjectionDay 2020 / FUGIDX #DiadaEjeção 2020

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There is no translation available.Jack Halberstam is Visiting Professor of Gender Studies and English at Columbia University. Halberstam is the author of five books including:…

Interview with Jack Halberstam (2014)

Comentários de abertura para o  9o Encuentro do Instituto Hemisférico, realizado na Concordia University em Montreal, Canadá, que buscou explorar as múltiplas valências do termo…

Comentários de abertura para o 9o Encuentro de 2014, em Montreal

There is no translation available.

The Hemispheric Institute's 9th Encuentro, held at Concordia University in Montréal, Canada, sought to explore the multiple valences of the term MANIFEST! How are performances mobilized and syncretized in civic, community, and cultural contexts to create manifold forms of political expression? How do public, theatrical events produce ‘evidence’ that manifests ideas otherwise invisible, hidden, or unspeakable?

Trasnocheo for José

There is no translation available.In this workshop and keynote address, celebrated in the context of in the context of the first Encuentro of the Hemispheric…

Augusto Boal and the Theater of the Oppressed

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