Entrevista com Luz Ángela Londoño (1999)

Interview with Luz Ángela Londoño, assistant director of the Festival al Aire Puro ('Open Air Festival'), conducted by Chicano theater scholar Alma Martinez. Londoño discusses her trajectory in theater administration and production, which includes backstage work with renowned theater groups such as Teatro Taller de Colombia and Teatro Libre de Bogotá; this discussion is framed in the broader context of the history and future of contemporary Colombian theater, its political, pedagogical and commercial aspects, and the role of women in its production. Luz Ángela also comments on the distinctive expressive traits, aesthetic resources, mechanisms for communication and conditions of possibility of street theater, and comments on the international street theater festival 'al Aire Puro', organized in Bogota by the Colombian theater group Teatro Taller de Colombia (www.teatrotallerdecolombia.com), where well-known theater troupes form all over the world gather to perform, workshop and share their street theater skills under the slogan 'El teatro callejero del mundo le sonríe a la paz de Colombia' ('The street theater of the world smiles to peace in Colombia').


Additional Info

  • Título: Interview with Luz Ángela Londoño
  • Alternate Title: Interview with Luz Ángela Londoño (Festival al Aire Puro)
  • Data da performance: 7 Aug 1999
  • Lugar: Interviewed in Bogota, Colombia
  • Interviewee: Luz Ángela Londoño
  • Interviewer: Alma Martinez
  • Duração: 00:36:29
  • Idioma: espanhol