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This issue investigates global strategies and tactics of dissidence against dominant state regimes and economic orders, engaging with theories of dissidence and modes of standing apart within the Americas and beyond.

Jill Lane

Marcial Godoy-Anativia

Cristel M. Jusino Díaz

Frances Pollitt

Laura Bluher

Victor Bautista

Isabel Gil Everaert

Gabriela Moreno

Stacy Michelle Walker

Samuel Bauer

Mauricio Delfín

Isabel Gil Everaert

Carlos Felipe Olivares

Margot Olavarria

Miguel Winograd

Rossana Reguillo, Verónica Gago, Diego Sztulwark, Guiomar Rovira Sancho, Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo, Benjamin Arditi, Néstor Perlongher, Diana Taylor, Chantal Mouffe, Rubí Carreño Bolívar, Coco Fusco, Julieta Paredes Carvajal, Jessica Gordon-Burroughs, Luciano Piazza, Angela Marino, Camila Vallejo, Yoani Sánchez, Olga Rodríguez-Ulloa, Lon Snowden, Felipe Rivas San Martín, Jorge Díaz Fuentes, Isabel Baboun Garib, Jean Franco, Emily Goulding, Carmén Campanario, María Stegmayer, Sarah M. Misemer, Sayak Valencia, Sarah Lucie, Leticia Robles-Moreno, Claudia Marín Inclán, Diana Ospina Obando, Lilian Mengesha, Gwendolyn Alker, Mireillie Aleli Lázaro Cortés, Alison Fraunhar, Natalie Goodnow, Marcial Godoy-Anativia, Zoya Kocur

The editors would like to thank the many artists, collections, archives, and publications that granted permission to reproduce their work in this issue

HemiPress New York City 2018 ISSN 1554-3706